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Hello Beautiful Lady,

Have you ever thought that you as a woman are the perfect mini reflection of NATURE? Mother Nature is unpredictable, ever changing, deeply powerful and transformative.


She is able to destroy in order to recreate, reorganize and restructure herself and life on this planet. At the same time, She is also the source of life and unlimited creativity, beauty and diversity.

You as a woman hold these two natural opposite forces of destruction and creation within your body, mind and spirit. You are a mystery, yet you are governed by very predictable natural laws.

Why is it important for you to discover your natural flow energy rhythms?

You as a woman, live in a western culture and society that glorifies constant productivity, pressure and multitasking. This conflict between the demands of your external environment and the natural changes in your energy levels leads you to experience stress, burn out, exhaustion, and ultimately depression. 

On the other hand these negative experiences serves as a contrast for you to see what you truly need:

  • Understanding and acceptance of your unique nature and wiring as a woman
  • Acknowledgement of your personal female needs and desires
  • Knowing and honoring your inner and outer boundaries
  • Discovering and rooting in your own authentic truth and power; designing life in synchronicity with the natural flow of your being, not against
  • Being your own leader of authority and manifesting your true heart desires from inside out.


Your Road Map to Sustainable Growth & Inner Integrity

In order for you to be able to navigate in this journey of finding clarity, authenticity, power, self-acceptance and self-love, you will need a roadmap to guide you in your unique female inner landscape. You will also need a trusted guide who are on this journey herself and effective, efficient and proven tools. This journey normally goes through 3 major phases:


Identifying your particular physical, emotional and mental blocks of energy in your own unique journey of life; Identifying areas in your life where you lose/leak your vital energy


Understanding and accepting your blocks and finding out the unique message each block carries for you. Once you fully understand and accepted you will be able to reframe your perspective.


Reframing your perspective about yourself will open opportunity to build a solid foundation in your authentic truth. From that sense of inner stability, you can create a new reality, which overflows with true joy, fulfillment and meaning.

Meet Diana

Diana Z Petrova has a Global Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Health and her work is dedicated to women's sustainable physical, emotional and mental health & well-being. She has been working with women on different sustainable lifestyle & health projects for the last 8 years, organizing and facilitating workshops, lectures and health interventions in Denmark, India, Taiwan and Bulgaria. Her holistic approach is to integrate solid scientific knowledge with the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.

How it Works

The Femmepowered Being provides group and individual programs and sessions, which guide you to find and reconnect with your very unique natural flow of energy and live your life in sync with it.

Designed specially for the modern woman’s challenges and needs to live authentic and soul-based life.


Group Coaching Programs &   Circles

Menstrual Wisdom & Power Circle, Master Mind for Female Leaders & Entrepreneurs (coming soon), Urban Mini Retreats & Weekend Intensives (coming soon)

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Individual Sessions &   Consultations

Soul-based Life Coaching, Hormone Balance Health Coaching, Cycle Energy Mapping, Shadow Work & Matrix Reimprinting, 1 Day Intensive Breakthrough

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Female Embodied Fitness Practices

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  • 5 star review  Thank you for the 1 season, looking forward to the 2 season of Belly Fit Cardio. Everry wendensday i feel like a Goddess , in touch with My head and body. Which in our busy everry day life, forget to connect. I can reccommend this class and our instruktor Diana, , she, s a very carm and gentel instruktor. Sees the individuel student, and if you Are stressed it take 5 min at you can here their breathing change . Diana gives you time too learn the ecercises, clearly and sometimes tells the story behind the ecercise and the diffrent sighns and off the Goddess in historie. For me Belly Fit is a mix of ecercise, bellydance, yoga and pilates and mindfullness. Namaste �

    Jane Larsen Avatar Jane Larsen
    January 7, 2017

    5 star review  I attended the The power of the menstrual cycle 5 workshops with the intent to find a way to deal with the pain during the beginning of my period. However, I left with much more than that. Often we hear men saying that women are unpredictable, well they can not be further from the truth. They just don't have the knowledge yet. I recommend these workshops to every woman who wants to understand herself better and to be understood from others. You will find out a lot about why our energy changes and sometimes we are like superwoman and why other times nothing goes the way we want to. Additionally, how we can take better care of ourselves and also why we should stop judge ourselves when we are not that productive. Diana is addressing many aspects of our menstrual cycle, such as the health, the mental and spiritual aspect. She has gathered valuable information and she presents it in a structural and understandable way. I believe that everyone can find something for themselves, I certainly did. Thank you Diana!

    Desislava Ilieva Petkova-Plesa Avatar Desislava Ilieva Petkova-Plesa
    July 22, 2018

    positive review  I took part in 5 workshops hosted by Diana, where she shared her wisdom about the menstrual cycle. She brought me valuable knowledge, which fostered body awareness, self-acceptance and a better understanding of my female nature. But beyond her teachings, I appreciated her clarity, warmth, and openness. She knows how to hold space, and seeks to improve her approach, ready to implement changes straight away. I had an amazing time and was inspired by her passion and dedication.

    Louise Romain Avatar Louise Romain
    August 16, 2018

    5 star review  For me Bellyfit is a TRULY HOLISTIC way of work out. It makes me feel SO vitalized, both WHILE I'm working out and AFTERWARDS. It allows you to take every movement in your own pace and level. You listen to your body with a compassionate mind. It makes your BODY and MIND focus together, which I have lacked in other sports. It leaves you with a sense of stillness, calmness and inner peace. I really feel the inner work my body has performed every time, being the flow routine or the cardio. I remember once I came from a stressful day at work. I was tired, I felt so low in energy. We did the cardio EARTH. SO! Thinking I didn't have energy there I was afterward feeling all build up again. I went home and enjoyed doing things in my apartment that evening, whereas usually I come home and are too tired to do anything. I have only POSITIVE feelings and sayings about BELLYFIT. Deebly Grateful!

    Sarah Guldager Pedersen Avatar Sarah Guldager Pedersen
    November 25, 2016
  • 5 star review  Diana er en meget dygtig underviser, og Bellyfit er en fantastisk motionsform for kvinder 🙂

    Inge Ørum Avatar Inge Ørum
    December 5, 2016

    5 star review  Diana it's an extraordinary coach with an wonderful and strong personality. Keep up with the great work ��

    Kami Love Avatar Kami Love
    October 29, 2017

    positive review  I took part of the program: INITIATING MENSTRUAL POWER CIRCLE. I am so grateful with Diana, the other women of the circle and myself to decide to participate. I learnt a lot about myself, my period and women. Since the first day Diana created a very comfortable space and all the group become very close and save to share our own experiences and opinions. I would describe it as a circle without judgments, active listening and empathy. One of the most important qualities that Diana have, for me is that she brings to our hands the powers. She gives us material where we can put in practice everything that we talk about, that was very useful and practical way to work. Because of her and this program I did 3 important steps: 1. Start a project that I wanted to do and didn’t know how to start it 2. To be more aware of my relationship 3. I felt so connected with her that I finally started to go with her in private sessions PRIVATE SESSIONS I would like to say that it is so easy to open yourself in front of Diana; she empathizes and accompanies you in all the process in a very professional way. I could put words in feeling that I didn’t know how to describe and that helped me to understand better myself and the different situations that I live. Is it a process of becoming aware and I am so glad that Diana is taking part of it, I couldn’t imagine a better person for it.

    Aina Samfaina Mandarina Avatar Aina Samfaina Mandarina
    January 13, 2019

    positive review  I did the “Initiating Menstrual Power Cycle" with Diana and it was such an empowering experience for me. Not only during the programme but even now, months later, I am still connected to the knowledge acquired and of course, more connected with my cycle and my body than ever! It gave us new tools to tackle old issues in new ways. Observing and being patient with oneself. There was some magic in our gatherings that had me feeling catered by all the inspiring women who also attended the course, and I do credit a big part of this magic to the way Diana shares these with us. I truly highly recommend it for anywoman that's a truth seeker and could use a new self-knowledge tool <3

    Yasmin Vieira da Silva Avatar Yasmin Vieira da Silva
    February 5, 2019

Transformational Stories

  • “I have attended “Menstrual Wisdom & Power Circle” with Diana and it was such an empowering experience for me. Not only during the program but even now, months later, I am still connected to the knowledge acquired and of course, more connected with my cycle and my body than ever! It gave us new tools to tackle old issues in new ways. Observing and being patient with oneself. There was some magic in our gatherings that had me feeling catered by all the inspiring women who also attended the course, and I do credit a big part of this magic to the way Diana shares these with us. I truly highly recommend it for any woman that’s a truth seeker and could use a new self-knowledge tool.”

    – Yasmin Vieira

  • “I’ve attended the program called “Menstrual Wisdom & Power Circle”, which was a big eye opener for me! Besides the amazing training materials that are essential for every woman, I experienced being part of a group of really inspiring women. Diana managed to create open and cozy atmosphere, that’s why each of us could not wait for the next session to come. I highly recommend the program!”

    – Irina Alutina

  • “Diana is very well prepared and excellent at communicator about her topic. Her own passion shines through and makes it enjoyable to learn from her. She radiates maturity and warmth. I also sense that Diana is a person who has been exploring herself on some very deep levels, and who is not afraid to meet her inner self. This together, makes me feel safe, and open to allow her to be my guide on this matter. She is also a good space-holder, and the group feels very safe and loving to be in. My biggest takeaway and Aha moment is the module about the inner critic’s deeper spiritual function. Very enlightening. I fully recommend this coaching program because the topic Diana teaches is very essential to all women, and she really knows it and covers it on so many levels.”

    – Ida Glad

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