7-year Cycles in the Woman’s Life Journey

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It is not an esoteric claim but a scientific fact that your body and mind change every 7 years. Within that period every single cell of your body has been replaced with a new one. You are a new person with a new body!

According to Rudolf Steiner (Austrian philosopher, mystic and esoteric scientist) these cycles are extremely important for professionals who work with people like teachers, psychologists, doctors, social scientists, etc. He also claimed that each phase is governed by a specific planet, which activates and develops specific side of the human nature.

0-7 years Governed by the Moon

During the first 7 years your mother usually is your primary influence as you are completely dependent on her to receive nourishment, love, protection and support. It is at this age that you develop qualities like sharing, creativity and imagination. This is also time when all the ancestral memories and family subconscious programming is installed in your mind effortlessly. The main primal instincts for survival, stress responses, beliefs for love and nurture are downloaded in your subconscious mind.

7-14 years Governed by Mercury

At the age of seven you start to develop your personality, based on the social cues you receive and interpret from others. This cycle is associated with installing a lot of intellectual concepts and accumulation of knowledge about the outside world. This is when you become more focused on attaining your father’s attention and approval. So you develop more masculine qualities and seek to achieve results, master specific skills and assert your thoughts and opinions. It is a phase of intense physical and psychological growth, awakening of the sexual organs and beginning of the sexual maturity.

14-21 years Governed by Venus

In your teens, your peers become primary focus as you seek greater connection with those outside your family origin. This phase is when you awaken to romance and possibility to deeply connect with someone else on intimate level – the time to fall in love for very first time. This is also when you start to ponder over your potential and ability to create and make difference in the world (development of the higher mind).

21-28 years Governed by Sun: sentient soul

This cycle is marked the end of youth, intense need of independence and figuring out your own individual life path. This is time for courage, self-belief and being bold. You start creating the base of your carrier, relationships and deeper impact in the world.

28-35 years Governed by Sun: intellectual soul

This is the phase where your creative process of mind comes to the forefront. Researchers and artists are at the peak of their carrier at that time. According to the scientists, the association centers of the brain come to its peak at the age of 35. You understand yourself better and you realize who you are and what forces are influencing your life. During these years you often put down roots by making a commitment to a carrier, a relationship, or a property. This is when you feel the urge to create something enduring, so you have something substantial to show for your effort.

35-42 years Governed by Sun: consciousness soul

Your carrier, habits and relationships are re-evaluated, modified and changed. If you haven’t reached the peak of your realization or creativity in the earlier phase, this is the time to do so. In this phase you are often caring for others or investing in a future legacy with the energy you have learned to generate, sustain and conserve.

42-49 years Governed by Mars

This is the phase when major changes happen in your life. You tend to be self-introspective and take major turns be it in carrier or relationships. This phase also marks the end of your reproductive and fertile years and can be extremely turbulent transition for some women who haven’t been going through the previously stages in a conscious way and now need to catch up fast. You may experience a healing crisis, unexpected loss, or a life change that acts as a catalyst to shift your perception. This is the age when you start discarding stereotypes and start believing in yourself.

49-56 years Governed by Jupiter

This is the age of spiritual awakening. With the loss of your strength and vitality, you look inwards. You learn to accept the changes in your body. Your primary challenge is to accept “what is” and find the blessings of the present moment, developing a sense of communion with all of existence. For the ones who haven’t realized who they are and what is their purpose of life, this age is the age of extreme depression.

56-63 years Governed by Saturn

This is the age of accepting inner peace and embrace tranquillity in life. There is a great shift in adjusting to the aging body, the changes in the relationships and the perception of the world around.

63-70 years Governed by Uranus

At this period, you start having a deeper understanding of yourself beyond the social conditioning and rules. The needs from the external world gradually decreases. This is a time to break down your inner barriers to live an authentic life.

70-84 years Governed by Neptune

At this period, you are dissolving your attachments to the material world and move into more spiritual plane of existence. Establishing deep connection with the inner self. The unconditional love increases, and one starts accepting it in a great manner.

84 – end of life years Governed by Pluto

Time to face the ultimate transformation and regeneration of all – death itself. The great lesson is to return to the state of innocence and complete trust.

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