The Diamond Approach


Do you know what is common between the coal and the diamond?

Both are made from the same chemical element – Carbon. The main difference comes from how the carbon molecules are organized and structured.

Coal molecules form layers with very weak chemical bonds between each other. However, the diamond molecules create a pyramid structure where each molecule creates very strong chemical bond with the other. This difference in the organizing structure and strength of chemical connection between the molecules make all the difference in the external qualities between the coal and the diamond.

The first is black in colour, very easy to break and non-reflective of light, while the second is transparent, highly reflective of light and one of the most resilient and strong raw materials on Earth (not to mention the market value as a precious stone).

Maybe you are wondering what this has to do with my work approach.

Well anything to do with the fact that when you put the coal under the right conditions (pressure, heat, duration of time, etc.) it has the potential to dissolve its own weak layered structure and rearrange itself into a crystalline pyramid structure becoming a diamond – a precious, almost unbreakable matter with high ability to reflect light. In nature these conditions are found deep down in the earth where some of the coal go through this process of complete transformation and rearrange itself into diamonds.

This metaphor is in the heart of my work approach where I help women to find out a way of restructuring their ways of being, thinking, feeling and behaving so they can reflect as much as possible their soul light into their lives and in the world. In other words, I help them to create strong bonds between their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and thus root deeply in their truth and shine their authentic light.

The Diamond approach is a holistic approach of integrating the feminine mind, body and soul to act as one synchronized powerful unit of light.