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“At her first bleeding a woman meets her power.
During the bleeding years, she practices it.
At menopause she becomes it.”

Traditional Native American Proverb

πŸ‘‰ Do you feel you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH for not being able to live up to the demands of modern productivity?

πŸ‘‰ Do you feel EXHAUSTED by the expectations to achieve CONSTANTLY high results and be SUCCESSFUL no matter what?

πŸ‘‰ Do you feel DISCONNECTED from your body and see your CYCLE as a hindrance to be productive?

πŸ‘‰ Do you suffer from PMS causing you confusion, LOW ENERGY, conflict and irritability?

πŸ‘‰ Have you accepted that suffering MENSTRUAL CRAMPS is normal and the price to pay for being born a woman?

πŸ‘‰ Are you READY to UNLOCK the magic hidden in your own body and feminine cyclical NATURE?

WHY is it important to know about your natural cycles?

Menstrual/Moon cycle matters because it’s the ultimate inner guidance and self–care tool for women. As a stress sensitive system it gives you feedback on how you are physically and emotionally and by respecting and cooperating with its rhythm you can create greater levels of energy and well being, creativity and productivity.

What does a CYCLE-AWARE woman bring to the world?

She is:

🌺 Modelling radical self-care and sustainable living;

🌺 Her own person, grounded in her own authority and knowing. She can’t be easily manipulated or controlled – she is a natural leader;

🌺 A conscious creator rather than a consumer;

🌺 Changing the power dynamic between men ans women, liberating both;

🌺 Developing a participatory consciousness, and the maturity to move beyond ego and see herself and the world as one;

🌺 A holy troublemaker;

🌺 Practicing soul activism – serving the world.

WHAT are you going to LEARN?

πŸŒ™ The Menstrual/Moon cycle as a mini reflection of the bigger cycles in the NATURE (the ultimate blueprint of creation);

πŸŒ™ What are the 4 phases and Inner Seasons of your Menstrual/Moon cycle?

πŸŒ™ How you can use this knowledge in your everyday life?

πŸŒ™ Practical steps on how to create a lifestyle in alignment with your cycle so you can enjoy sustainable health, flow and ease.

For WHOM is this workshop for?

For every woman who wants to be in vibrant health, harmony with her body, enhance her creativity, materialize her dreams and use the magic of the nature reflected in her own being as a woman.

You may:

πŸ”₯ be in your menstruating years;

πŸ”₯ have a regular cycle;

πŸ”₯ have irregular cycle;

πŸ”₯ have no cycle and not be pregnant;

πŸ”₯ be on hormonal contraception;

πŸ”₯ suffer from menstrual problems such as pain, PMS, fibroids, POS, fertility issues or heavy bleeding.

This webinar is an introduction to the 6-month online Female Empowerment Mastermind “Nature of Women”.For more info about it, check the link

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It is FREE!

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TESTIMONIALS from participants in previous workshops:

“Mindblown! Everyone needs to learn this and the impact will be huge!” A.M.
“This is the best gift that you can give to yourself.” L.T.
“Every woman should be familiar with her nature and how to turn the so called vulnerability into her power!” T.H..
“It’s very important for women to get more info about their nature, to build confidence and feel good about themselves so we all can thrive. Thank you! Diana is awesome!” B.S.

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ABOUT The Workshop Facilitator):
Diana Z Petrova has a Global Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Health and her work is dedicated to women’s sustainable physical, emotional and mental health & well-being. She has been working with women on different sustainable lifestyle & health projects for the last 8 years, organizing and facilitating workshops, lectures and health interventions in Denmark, India, Taiwan and Bulgaria. Her holistic approach is to integrate solid scientific knowledge with the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.


Apr 05 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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Eat Your Way to Hormonal Health

This e-book will give you the knowledge to understand the red flags of hormonal imbalance and also how to take easy to implement measures!

Stay updated with health tips, upcoming events & much more when you sign up for the newsletter.
* Your E-book download will begin immediately upon subscribing.