Holistic Bellyfit Training

What is Bellyfit?

Bellyfit is the world’s leading Holistic Fitness System for women. We are dedicated to serving the needs of women in body, mind, spirit, heart and lifestyle. Bellyfit is moving thousands of women every day toward a more balanced, joyful and inspired life. By blending the power and wisdom of ancient practices, with the research, technology and trends of the modern world, Bellyfit training offer much more than just ‘a workout’.

Bellyfit invite women to embrace the present moment while simultaneously connecting them to their ancient roots and empowering them for the future. Every nation all over the world has ancient and modern rituals whereby people gather together to celebrate and honor the cycles of the body, the cycles of nature and the cycles of the cosmos, through movement, music, community and culture. These ancient rituals help to maintain a balance between the Yin and Yang, the male and the female, the dark and the light and yet these important rituals are being wiped out by modern technology and culture. Bellyfit brings us back to this ancient wisdom of the body with a refreshing, modern approach.

We believe that if a woman is not finding time on a regular basis to move her body, breathe deeply, sweat and connect to the energy that animates her physical being, be inspired, then she simply cannot be in her full power. Bellyfit is about bringing women back to their true selves, back to their power so they can step up to the challenges that lie ahead and guide our planet back to peace and balance. It all begins in the body.

Bellyfit is designed exclusively for the female body, mind and spirit.

What to expect from a Holistic Bellyfit Training?

In the first half hour of the class, burn mega calories, relieve stress and get the sweat flowing with fun, easy to learn cardio moves infused with the ancient and beautiful fundamentals of Belly Dance, Bollywood and African Dance. During the second half of the class, enjoy sculpting, toning and tightening with Pilates inspired core work, a deep yet relaxing Yoga inspired stretch and mindful Mudra Meditation.

Your Personal Benefits

The practice of each routine will give you the benefit of any cardio practice like decreased risk of getting Cardiovascular diseases, most common forms of cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, etc. It will also speed up your metabolism and thus helps fat loss and attaining lean and healthy body. Regular practice of Holistic Bellyfit Training will also improve your stamina, endurance, flexibility and will combat against premature aging and physical decline of the body. You can expect to burn between 350 and 450 calories per one session depending on the intensity of your training.

Holistic Bellyfit Routines

Each routine embodies natural circular movements with the hips, the breasts and the core to gather and accumulate feminine energy, to release physical and energetic blockages, to improve self-confidence, create positive body image, raise your energy levels and enhance your feminine sensuality. Expect to feel overall joy, radiance, presence, pleasure and deep inner connection with yourself and the other women in the tribe through all the shakes and shimmies! The training encourages you to listen to your body at the present moment - push and sweat with high intensity when you feel like or stay more grounded and flowing with low intensity also when you feel like.

Holistic Bellyfit Training promotes strongly full integration of the feminine mind, body, heart and spirit. Each class is an invitation to align those parts and become one single powerful unit with which you can easily manifest your dreams and goals into reality.

“Activate Your Elements” Program

Do you feel like you need some strong foundation in certain area of your life? Do you need to access the wisdom of your body, your animal instincts and put clear boundaries for yourself and others? Or maybe you need to adapt to some changes in your life and you need to access your inherent flexibility, creativity and flow? How about becoming more laser focused, concentrated, able to lead yourself and others with passion and clear vision, set goals and achieve them? Or you desire to be free in your heart, express your true self, be more empathic and connect with others from a deeper place?

In this program you will awaken your elements of EARTH related the ability to put a strong foundation, draw clear boundaries and tap into your instinctual strength and animal power; WATER related with your ability to adapt to changes, stay flexible and allow to be sensual, creative and go with the flow; FIRE, related with your ability to be confident, focused, goal oriented, take initiatives, access your deep passions and desire for personal improvement and transformation; AIR, related with your ability to open your heart, be empathic, connect with others on a soul level and feel free to be yourself; SPACE, related with your ability to open your mind, expand your spirit and establish a deeper connection with the universe out and within.


"EARTH: Deepen Your Roots"

Earth is the element of strength, prosperity, growth, and stability. The Earth element is solid, rich, sultry, strong and dependable. (Mother Earth). It represents growth and the commitment it takes to make things grow. It is a slow and methodical element. Stability is Earth's unique gift.

"WATER: Go With The Flow"

Water element is represented in the ebb and flow, rain, rivers, lakes, oceans. Water cleanses, nourishes and reflects. Water is the element of love, peace, purification, and healing. The watery intelligence is sensitive, caring, emotional, psychic, artistic.

"FIRE: Ignite Your Passion"

Fire is the life principle. It provides heat and light. It transforms. Fire in the personality represents inspiration, passion, enthusiasm, desire. The fiery intelligence is dynamic, daring, enthusiastic, active and hopeful. Fire is a starter, an initiator. Fire is charming, flamboyant and inspirational. Fire is what improves our courage, confidence, motivation and our sense of humor.

"AIR: Free Your Heart"

Air is the element of insight, vision and communication. Air represents change, and change is necessary for growth and achievement. Air is about freedom and freedom of choice which leads to rebirth and renewal. It brings about uniqueness and it is this quality that separates our individual path from others' paths.

"SPACE: Expand Your Spirit"

Space element has no preferences and can host everything just as it is. When you express unfettered Space element, you accept your own and others' situations. You feel flexible and open-minded. You accommodate changes and challenges with a natural ease because you do not hold too tightly to the way you would like things to be.


Transformational Stories

  • “I used to run a lot until I realized what I was running from. Now I don’t feel the need to run so much and was looking for something else. Bellyfit has it all. The fitness my body needs and also the sensual expression I need to feel my energies. It’s great and I do recommend it highly to every woman.”

    – Sarah G. Pedersen (Denmark)

  • “It always feels very welcoming in Diana’s classes. I have never really liked dancing, but Diana makes it much more enjoyable! Through the Bellyfit classes I have awakened my feminine side much more, which feels absolutely fantastic. Additionally it is amazing training with wonderful women and good energy.”

    – Kristina Jensen (Denmark)

  • “I love my Bellyfit classes! The combination of dance like moves, exercise and spirituality in this female universe is unique. I’ve attended the classes since Bellyfit started in Copenhagen and always leave the class with a smile on my face.”

    – Hanne Andersen (Greenland)

  • “I have a passion for Oriental Dance and Yoga, and Bellyfit has combined those two for me, plus a good cardio workout and and the feeling of “togetherness” with other women. Diana is wonderful teacher, who inspires and motivates, but also gives a good push at the right time. Join the fun!”

    – Sonya Chuhovska (Bulgaria)

  • “I have never tried anything like Bellyfit before. It combines different dances from different cultures in a fun way that while doing it, you become aware of different parts of your body and you get a great workout with lots of sweating.
Love the way Diana inspires and motivates during the class. 
I am usually a person Who gives up too fast. But with Bellyfit and a coach like Diana, I never miss my classes.”

    – Parwana M. Amini (Afghanistan)

  • “Being a Yoga instructor myself and trying many different exercise forms like dancing, hiking,etc. I have never managed to sweat as much as during a Bellyfit class with Diana. I’ve never thought it is possible for me to have the sweat flowing and still have so much fun. At the same time it activates the chakras and we get to explore tremendous power hidden in the deeper layers of the body. After a practice with Diana I dont feel tired. I am refreshed and full of joy! She is awesome!”

    – Jenny Tsou (Taiwan)

  • “First when I went to the Bellyfit class, I could notice that it was somewhat very familiar to me and it became very addictive. I knew it was the right format for me. Bellyfit with Diana woke me up for the real pleasure that I’m a woman and I can dance. I appreciate her that she could make the class enjoyable, graceful and passionate. I found out myself euphoric during the class the same way I feel when I am in the mountain.”

    – MyungAh Kang (South Korea)