Individual Coaching

For whom is it?

For you who see that the biggest investment is to know yourself. For you who want to find your inner authentic source of power, inspiration and wisdom beyond the level of your family, social and cultural conditioning and wounding. For you who want to be rooted steadily in the inner knowing of yourself and create life that inspires you to grow, mature and experience deep connection and joy.

What kind of transformations you can expect by working with me?

• Redefine your perception of challenges, obstacles, weaknesses and vulnerabilities

• Release shame, guilt and limiting beliefs

• Rediscover inner resources of authentic feminine power

• Reorganize your daily routines and recreate constant natural flow

• Rebuild your relationship with life and its natural cycles

• Reinstall empowering and supportive mindset and self-talk

• Restore balance of your inner feminine and masculine energies

• Reconnect with your body and relearn its subtle language of communication

• Reinvent yourself as a female leader

• Recognize your authentic self and beauty

Types of Coaching


Soul-based Life Coaching

Soul Based Coaching is for you who are on a crossroad in your life and you need to take very important decisions for your future that will change dramatically the course of your life journey. It’s for you who want to make sure that these decisions are based on your own unique truth and not on your fears.


Hormone Balance Health Coaching

Hormone Balance Health Coaching is for you who have health issues based on hormonal disbalance like difficulty losing weight, acne, mood swings, migraines, PMS, menstrual cramps, etc. It is also for you who are on the pill and want to reduce its negative effects or you who have stopped the pill and want to restore your natural menstrual cycle.


Cycle Energy Mapping

Cycle Energy Mapping is for you who want to go deeper into knowing how your energy flows in a unique way throughout your menstrual cycle. It helps you mapping your unique inner energy landscape and getting to know yourself on a very intimate level.


Shadow Work &   Matrix Reimprinting

Shadow Work & Matrix Reimprinting is for you who are amid emotional crisis and you feel victim of your negative thoughts and unresolved past traumas. For you who feel stuck in destructive repetitive patterns and moving in a never-ending downward spiral and want to break free from the chains of your inner prison.


One Day Intensive Breakthrough

1 Day Intensive Breakthrough is for you who need an acute and intense assistance, guidance and mentorship. It is one day, which you will spend with Diana for min. 6 to max 8 hours. The price is 3600 dkk including a follow up session afterwards.


Transformational Stories

  • “I had the pleasure of having Diana as a coach for 15 sessions. Diana had a well structured approach to the coaching session while adapting it to my needs. She came with practical exercises which helped me work on the things that were on my agenda for improvement. I had a stable progress during the sessions and also had the opportunity to adjust the things we worked at as we were proceeding. I would recommend Diana to anyone who is looking for improving an area of their life.”

    – Elena Rashkova

  • “I would like to say that it is so easy to open yourself in front of Diana; she empathizes and accompanies you in all the process in a very professional way. 
I could put words in feeling that I didn’t know how to describe and that helped me to understand better myself and the different situations that I live. 
Is it a process of becoming aware and I am so glad that Diana is taking part of it, I couldn’t imagine a better person for it.”

    – Aina Samfaina

  • “Diana is an excellent listener, always curious, showing genuine interest in what I had to say. She was challenging me constructively and always providing relevant feedback. Another great quality is her focus on the client which helped me identify my core values and her leadership skills kept me on track with my goals, creating accountability.
    I always felt heard and it was amazing to experience a lot of positive energy around her. Whenever I met Diana, I felt inspired to take action, and she always found a way to motivate me to keep going, no matter the situation. My biggest AHA moment was during a time in my life when I was almost about to give up on my career. I was discussing with her my situation and how frustrated I felt about nothing really working out. It was the moment and the questions she asked me and the way she asked me that I was able to realize the mistakes I was doing which kept me stuck in the first place. Along with her guidance, I was able to make a clear assessment of my situation and take different actions towards my career plan. That is how I discovered my true purpose in life. Since that day, I kept following that path and I can say that it completely changed my life. I felt blessed working with Diana and having her continuous support and guidance during my career transition and development. Working with Diana is more than ‘work’. She is fully committed to support you during any stage and she is very talented at adapting to your own needs. She is aware of her own capabilities and she knows she can bring results.

    – Gabriela Tardea

  • “Diana is a very dedicated person in everything she does. Intelligent and attentive to every detail, she has been a perfect connection between our Therapy Center and our customers. Her kind and considerate way of approaching people make her able to listen to their needs and find the best solutions. But what makes her very special as a coach, is her ability to be kind, honest and straight-to-the-point in the same time. Having her as an intern was a pleasure and a plus for the whole team, as she connected perfectly with everybody and taught us wonderful ways to improve our teamwork. I warmly recommend Diana as a coach, colleague and a friend.”

    – Florin Hiru (Natha Yoga Therapy Center)

What is your investment?


How to sign up?

Book your Free Discovery Conversation by sending an email on or sms on 20 68 69 53.

Get in Touch

As it was explained before, the minimum amount of coaching sessions for you to see tangible results of our work together is 4.

Normally a coaching session in Denmark costs anything between 850 to 1500kr. I would like to offer you a 4 sessions package for 3000kr (750kr per session).

There are few possibilities for you to choose how to pay the package:

  • Pay 750kr after each session
  • Pay 1500kr after the first session and the second half after we finish the last one
  • Pay the full amount in advance after the first session
  • Different payment plan and prices are available if you are part of a group coaching program with me and want to upgrade with a VIP option.