Lunar Bellyfit Flow

Why the moon is so important for women?

The physical, emotional and mental energy of women is intimately connected with their menstrual cycle, while the cycles are governed by the moon. Every month the moon goes through a cycle starting on a dark new moon, growing (waxing), reaching complete radiance on full moon and descending again into the darkness (waning). The same cycles are experienced by every woman in her fertile years where her menstruation corresponds to the dark moon phase, her preovulation - the growing phase, her ovulation - the fool moon, and the premenstrum - the waning phase. 

In the old times before we start living in the cities and have artificial light, the moon was the light to guide women in their menstrual cycles. Many women menstruated on the dark new moon and then ovulated on the full moon. In these times women were also much more connected and synchronized with each other. In some cultures, the red tents were created, where women would gather during their bleed time and rest, sing, dance and nourish their bodies and souls. Men knew how important that ritual was for the women and not only allowed them to do that but even took care of the domestic obligations instead of them.

Nowadays these ancient rituals are forgotten in the modern world and women experience more and more stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, heavy PMS, and deep confusion on how to live life and move in a feminine way. The individualistic culture we have created, gives little opportunities for real life authentic connection between women as well as with nature and the natural cycles.

What is Lunar Bellyfit Flow?

The Lunar Bellyfit Flow Program aims at restoring the connection first with our own bodies, then with each other and last but not least with the Mother Nature and the power of the Moon. Each phase has a specific routine honoring the unique energies expressed during this phase. 

The Lunar Bellyfit Flow is based on a system developed by women for women and is an exquisite blend between Yoga, Belly dance moves, Vinyasa Flow moves, Mudras (Yogic Hand Gestures), Affirmations and Relaxation infused with focused intentions. It is a nourishing movement ritual for the feminine body, mind and soul.

Your Personal Benefits

The practice of each routine will speed up your metabolism and thus helps fat loss and attaining lean and healthy body. Regular practice of Lunar Bellyfit Flow will also improve your stamina, endurance, flexibility and will combat against premature aging and physical decline of the body. You can expect to burn between 250 and 350 calories per one session depending on the engagement of your training.

Holistic Bellyfit Routines

Moon phases and the corresponding flow routines

New Moon: Enter the Temple

The new moon phase gives opportunity for deep inner connection with your heart and soul. It is a search for meaning as well as prayer, offering to the divine in us and others, revealing your true self. 
The Bellyfit Flow routine for that phase is called 
"Enter the Temple"It is beautiful journey to the inner temple. You'll prepare the offering, cleanse the body and the soul, honor the Goddess and the Warrior who protects the temple and finally bowing at the altar of the heart! Gives you the opportunity to visualize what it feels like to be in the inner heart temple and feel the reverence!

Waxing Moon: The Fire Ritual

The waxing phase is a phase of setting goals, dreaming big, exploring, experimenting, brainstorming, being curious, child-like playful and innocent. 

The Bellyfit Flow Routine for that phase is called "The Fire Ritual". This routine has a beautiful story and a beautiful flow. Embracing the idea of a fire ritual, you make an offering into the fire and allow your intentions and goals to be taken by the smoke up to the ‘powers that be’ and then receive the blessings as they are bestowed upon.

Full Moon: Goddess Diana

The Full Moon phase is a phase when you as a woman is most magnetic, attractive, open for social interactions and activities, sexy, productive - in one word, fully manifested Goddess!
The Bellyfit Flow Routine for that phase is called "Goddess Diana". Diana (or Arthemis in Greek mythology) is considered Goddess of the Moon and ruler of the wild nature and animals. She is also protector of women and child birth, as well as symbol of the nurturing, wild and mysterious feminine qualities.

Waning Moon: Inner Light

The Waning Moon Phase is descending and transitional as the natural focus of you as a woman shifts from the outside world to your inner world. 
The Bellyfit Flow Routine for that phase is called "Inner Light" which is both challenging and gentle while it holds the intention of protecting the inner light within. Expect to feel bright and alive while moving fluidly and intentionally from pose to pose. You will feel the heat in this one!


Transformational Stories

  • “I used to run a lot until I realized what I was running from. Now I don’t feel the need to run so much and was looking for something else. Bellyfit has it all. The fitness my body needs and also the sensual expression I need to feel my energies. It’s great and I do recommend it highly to every woman.”

    – Sarah G. Pedersen (Denmark)

  • “It always feels very welcoming in Diana’s classes. I have never really liked dancing, but Diana makes it much more enjoyable! Through the Bellyfit classes I have awakened my feminine side much more, which feels absolutely fantastic. Additionally it is amazing training with wonderful women and good energy.”

    – Kristina Jensen (Denmark)

  • “I love my Bellyfit classes! The combination of dance like moves, exercise and spirituality in this female universe is unique. I’ve attended the classes since Bellyfit started in Copenhagen and always leave the class with a smile on my face.”

    – Hanne Andersen (Greenland)

  • “I have a passion for Oriental Dance and Yoga, and Bellyfit has combined those two for me, plus a good cardio workout and and the feeling of “togetherness” with other women. Diana is wonderful teacher, who inspires and motivates, but also gives a good push at the right time. Join the fun!”

    – Sonya Chuhovska (Bulgaria)

  • “I have never tried anything like Bellyfit before. It combines different dances from different cultures in a fun way that while doing it, you become aware of different parts of your body and you get a great workout with lots of sweating.
Love the way Diana inspires and motivates during the class. 
I am usually a person Who gives up too fast. But with Bellyfit and a coach like Diana, I never miss my classes.”

    – Parwana M. Amini (Afghanistan)

  • “Being a Yoga instructor myself and trying many different exercise forms like dancing, hiking,etc. I have never managed to sweat as much as during a Bellyfit class with Diana. I’ve never thought it is possible for me to have the sweat flowing and still have so much fun. At the same time it activates the chakras and we get to explore tremendous power hidden in the deeper layers of the body. After a practice with Diana I dont feel tired. I am refreshed and full of joy! She is awesome!”

    – Jenny Tsou (Taiwan)

  • “First when I went to the Bellyfit class, I could notice that it was somewhat very familiar to me and it became very addictive. I knew it was the right format for me. Bellyfit with Diana woke me up for the real pleasure that I’m a woman and I can dance. I appreciate her that she could make the class enjoyable, graceful and passionate. I found out myself euphoric during the class the same way I feel when I am in the mountain.”

    – MyungAh Kang (South Korea)