Meet Diana

Diana is the founder of “The Femmepowered Being”. She is born on 9th of May in the beginning of 80ties. Diana has been vegetarian for more than 20 years holding dearly to her heart the values of non-violence, compassion and the power of personal example as the most influential agent of change and transformation. As any Taurus woman she digs her heels deep into finding her own self-worth, learning from Nature and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. She loves to cook, eat, sing and dance and enjoys beauty in all forms. Diana dreams about a world which is governed by love, justice, truth, peace, equality and freedom.


Wellness Journey

As most girls in the world I was introduced into womanhood with the vague idea of what to expect. I got my first period at home and I remember hiding and being ashamed of it because nobody explained me anything. Eventually my grandmother found out and I remember vaguely that she, my mother and me made something like a small ritual where I should have placed my hand on a plant. Never figured out why and never really asked. I was just 11 years old. One of the first in my class to have a period. Growing up I have a definitely hate relationship with my period – it was inconvenient, messy, I had to pretend it didn’t exist, it didn’t hurt and that I was not affected. On top of that I didn’t have access to high quality sanitary products and was always afraid that I might leak through and it will be seen (which happened several times in my life).

As a young woman in my twenties I have suffered frequent and severe PMS symptoms with very painful cramps, deep emotional and mental disturbance and definitely my period felt like a curse and something I need to endure because I was a woman in exchange of the possibility to become a mother one day. In my early thirties these symptoms have worsened but with a new nuance added – strong suicidal and deeply negative emotional states just before the bleeding followed with complete surrender and altered state of consciousness. I couldn’t understand how my period can give me so much physical and emotional suffering and at the same time give me opportunity for complete surrender and spiritual oneness. Being eternally curious within the fields of health, spirituality, nutrition and fitness, I was looking consciously and unconsciously for all this to make sense. And it did when I came across the teachings of the Red School and the Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

This practice, the knowledge and the wisdom I gained through working consciously with my own cycle for more than 2 years, completely transformed my relationship with myself, my body, my sense of femininity, connection with the Nature and other women. As a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach for women, this was the missing piece to weave everything I knew about female health & wellbeing into comprehensive and multilayered holistic approach.

I have decided to found “The Femmepowered Being” Company because I could see how my life has been transformed during this process and brought me so much more clarity about my life path, authentic confidence about my gifts and talents and deep inner knowing of who I am and what is my role into this world. I know how hard it is to feel alone without tools and guidance, not knowing how to start arranging the puzzle of your life. Every journey is a unique one, yet we all go through similar steps of growth and challenges. I would love to help you navigate your inner journey of self-discovery with compassion, courage, self-acceptance and faith reminding you that whatever you experience, this helps you grow and mature, even if it is hard to see it.

Professional Achievements & Certificates:

  • Global Bachelor in Nutrition and Health (Specialized in Lifestyle Coaching and Fitness Management) from PH Metropol, Copenhagen
  • Certified EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (Energy Psychology methods) taught by Karl Dawson, UK
  • Certified Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practioner taught by Sharon King, UK
  •  Certified Bellyfit Instructor (Holistic Fitness System for Women)
  • Verified Certificate Courses from Coursera in "Diabetes-The global challenge", "Chemicals and Health", "Health Literacy and Communication for Health Professionals"
  • 1 year Course in Ayurveda (The Traditional Indian Medicine), Copenhagen
  • 4 years Yoga Intensive Course, Copenhagen
  • 6 months Health Project in Andhra Pradesh, India (Mobile Hospital in Puttaparthi) working with 60 rural women with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lifestyle Coach in Natha Therapy Center, Copenhagen working with Stress, Addiction and Weight loss issues
  • Teaching Bellyfit and Health Coaching for women in the last 5 years in Denmark, Taiwan and Bulgaria
  • Organizing and executing Menstrual workshops & Circles for women in Denmark

My skills, talents and gifts as a Coach & Mentor:

  • Ability to connect on a heart level, to understand, be compassionate and stay non-judgemental
  • Strong listening skills with minimum interference in the client’s process
  • Strong intuition about people’s hidden motives, beliefs and drives
  • Confident and calm when dealing with emotionally charged traumatic events
  • Seeing the big picture or ability to dig in and find out
  • Acceptance of the present situation and ability to move forward towards the desired direction together with the client
  • Neutrally guiding the client to find her own truth without installing my own opinion
  • Seeing the client as a powerful, resourceful and skilful being that just needs assistance to tap into her own greatness.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire the client to dream and create her future
  • Seeing all the events as a possibility to learn, grow and evolve.