Meet Diana

Hello beautiful! I am Diana,  the founder of “The Femmepowered Being”. I am born on 9th of May in the beginning of 80ties. I have been vegetarian for more than 20 years holding dearly to my heart the values of non-violence, compassion and the power of personal example as the most influential agent of change and transformation. As any Taurus woman, I dig my  heels deep into finding my own self-worth, learning from Nature and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. I love to cook, eat, sing and dance and I enjoy beauty in all forms. I am dreaming about a world, which is governed by love, justice, truth, peace, equality and freedom.


My Journey of Healing, Peace & Self-Acceptance

For years my hormones made me feel victim of my own body and moods creating guilt, shame and conflicts with my family, friends and partners. 

I will be honest with you. A week prior to my period I used to feel miserable, unable to trust myself, depressed and a total sugar addict. I was convinced that something is wrong with me psychologically, emotionally and mentally and I used to blame and shame myself for my behaviours and experiences. 

Every month I would be terrified by expecting the worst on the first day of my menstruation. 

For years the only solution was to take painkillers to numb the pain for a few hours… Yet I knew this was going to repeat again and I had no real healing or solution to my problem, which affected every area of my life. 

Being a Health Coach I knew that taking hormonal contraception was a NO GO for me because I was aware of the scientific evidence on their negative side effects in the long run.

So I was in a huge dilemma - on one hand I couldn't continue living a life, where half of my time I would be suffering either with PMS or Menstrual Pain; on the other hand I didn't want to take anymore medications, which would compromise my health in the long run. 

That is how I began my healing journey of understanding my Female Body, Mind, Emotions and Hormones and creating a holistic system with which I was able to completely heal my PMS symptoms and experience pain free periods without the use and side effects of painkillers and hormonal contraception. 

I started teaching other women and friends how to heal their own PMS, Menstrual Pain and how to rebuild the relationship with their own Menstrual Cycle and each one of them experienced huge improvements. I was encouraged by them to keep teaching this invaluable knowledge and this is how “Nature of Women” Cyclical Wisdom & Power Mastermind was born.

Professional Achievements & Certificates:

  • Global Bachelor in Nutrition and Health (Specialized in Lifestyle Coaching and Fitness Management) from PH Metropol, Copenhagen
  • Certified EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (Energy Psychology methods) taught by Karl Dawson, UK
  • Certified Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practioner taught by Sharon King, UK
  •  Certified Bellyfit Instructor (Holistic Fitness System for Women)
  • Verified Certificate Courses from Coursera in "Diabetes-The global challenge", "Chemicals and Health", "Health Literacy and Communication for Health Professionals"
  • 1 year Course in Ayurveda (The Traditional Indian Medicine), Copenhagen
  • 4 years Yoga Intensive Course, Copenhagen
  • 6 months Health Project in Andhra Pradesh, India (Mobile Hospital in Puttaparthi) working with 60 rural women with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lifestyle Coach in Natha Therapy Center, Copenhagen working with Stress, Addiction and Weight loss issues
  • Teaching Bellyfit and Health Coaching for women in the last 5 years in Denmark, Taiwan and Bulgaria
  • Organizing and executing Menstrual workshops & Circles for women in Denmark

My skills, talents and gifts as a Coach & Mentor:

  • Ability to connect on a heart level, to understand, be compassionate and stay non-judgemental
  • Strong listening skills with minimum interference in the client’s process
  • Strong intuition about people’s hidden motives, beliefs and drives
  • Confident and calm when dealing with emotionally charged traumatic events
  • Seeing the big picture or ability to dig in and find out
  • Acceptance of the present situation and ability to move forward towards the desired direction together with the client
  • Neutrally guiding the client to find her own truth without installing my own opinion
  • Seeing the client as a powerful, resourceful and skilful being that just needs assistance to tap into her own greatness.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire the client to dream and create her future
  • Seeing all the events as a possibility to learn, grow and evolve.