Our Values

Root in Authenticity &  Truth

The female body holds the wisdom and power of creativity, renewal and regeneration. You will be encouraged and taught to listen attentively to its voice as well as how to decipher and understand the way it speaks to you. This is the first step to embodied feminine authenticity and truth.

Honour the Natural Flow &   Cycles

The female body and mind have cyclical nature. Living life against the body’s natural flow creates many negative symptoms like stress, anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion. You will be provided with very practical tools on how to understand the different phases of your cycle and how to align your actions with the natural flow of your energy. You will learn how to redesign your life to follow your body’s natural flow instead going against it.

Redefine Feminine Power &   Leadership

Living in a patriarchic system, power is seen as masculine, forceful and dominating. As women we don’t have good examples on how to lead ourselves and others through the lenses of the feminine sovereignty and wisdom. You will be inspired to look at your own way of influence from a different perspective and consciously redefine and choose your own unique expression of power and presence in the world.

Catalyze Inner Transformation

Transformation is a process of rearrangement of the current rules and way of life into a completely new level of existence. You will be assisted to open for new possibilities of being, seeing the world through new eyes, giving you fresh and brand-new perspective on what is truly important for you. This inner transformation of your perspective leads to transformation of your personality, relationships and behaviors.

Inspire Sustainable Growth &   Integrity

The master of sustainable growth and integrity is Nature herself. You will be initiated on how to root into your own nature (your body), flow with your natural cycles, redefine your feminine power and perceive new ways of existence. You will be inspired to see the bigger picture and set long term sustainable goals, which will lead to your sustainable growth and inner integrity.