The 4 main Lunar Phases and their ruling Female Archetypes

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Lunar phases and their ruling Female Archetypes

Each of the four main lunar phases is related with one of the four female archetypes presenting a distinctive phase in your life journey as a woman. The more you are aware of their influence, the more you can draw power from their specific strengths and qualities and embody them consciously with grace.

New Moon phase: The Wise Woman/Crone

At this time of the month the archetypal wise woman comes front. This is the Crone Goddess,”She who sees everything”. The wise woman archetype helps you to refine your power by taking your awareness deep within for intuitive insight, leaving a legacy of wisdom for others to follow.

First Quarter Moon phase: The Maiden

In this phase the Maiden archetype, “She who experiences the return of hope and inspiration”, takes up your inner space. If consciously embraced, the Maiden gives you an air of light-heartedness and a belief of the pursuit of our dreams.

Full Moon phase: The Mother

The Mother archetype is the dominant aspect of this lunar phase. If consciously embraced, “She who is full of the milk of human kindness” helps you to nurture ourselves and encourage others to fulfill their potential.

Last Quarter Moon phase: The Enchantress

During this lunar phase you experience “She who is sovereign, mature and responsible for her harvest in life”. The influence of the Enchantress archetype helps you integrate you life lessons and to ensure that your choices reflect your core values.

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Tanishka. (2017) Goddess Wisdom Made Easy

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