The 7 Energy Centers and their ruling Goddesses

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7 Goddesses

Your body is animated with bio-electrical energy, which in the sciences of Yoga and Tantra is called Shakti. Shakti represents the feminine dynamic expression of the divine force which is able to create and destroy. Shakti is believed to have created everything that is visible and invisible for the eyes. The sages of India have discovered that Shakti is coiled up in a potential state at the base of the Spine. The journey towards awakening is the journey of this energy/Shakti towards the crown where it unites with its divine male consort “Shiva” or the pure consciousness. This state of union between the body and the consciousness is known as “Yoga”, which literally means union.

The 7 energy centers/chakras

To activate fully your Shakti, you need activate, embody and fully integrate the seven faces of the Goddess – the seven energy centers called also chakras. The name “Chakra” comes from sanskrit and literally means “wheel”. The seven chakras are psychic energy centers within your body and are also referred as “wheels of light” or the “Seven Eyes of God” as they open your awareness to the seven states of consciousness.

Here is very brief description of the function of each chakra:

  1. Base (red): Governs your physical body;
  2. Sacral (orange): Governs your emotional body;
  3. Solar Plexus (yellow): Governs your lower mental body;
  4. Heart (green): Governs your psyche (Soul);
  5. Throat (blue): Governs your etheric/energy body;
  6. Third eye (indigo): Governs your higher mental body;
  7. Crown (violet): Governs your cosmic body.

When all 7 energy centers are open and activated, you radiate your full spectrum of light – like a rainbow bridge. You become a conduit for the energy of the sacred feminine.

The 7 Chakra Goddesses

Each of the seven chakras are governed by one of the seven aspects of the Goddess – the universal archetypes that provide a map of your feminine psyche. When all seven energy centers are activated, we feel whole and we do not need to search for someone to “complete” us.

Base Chakra: Lilith, the Wild Woman

When this energy center is harmoniously activated you feel comfortable with your natural self and the most primal forms of expression like lust and anger. You honor your anger as a sign to take action often because you don’t feel safe. If this energy center is not fully activated, you can be easily dominated by others or manipulate other with passive aggressive behavior. If you fail to speak up, for fear of rejection or creating conflict, you decrease your personal power and passion. Having an empowered wild woman means you are able to be authentic in any situation and be uninhibited in your erotic expression.

Sacral Chakra: Aphrodite, the Beautiful Muse

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, so when she is expressing herself harmoniously in your psyche you generate self-love by making self-honoring choices. However when her expression is not balanced she surfaces in your life in her shadows states which might include seducing others in attempt to convince yourself you are beautiful and lovable; falling in love with emotionally unavailable people; getting involved in emotional and romantic dramas. When your inner Aphrodite is fully and harmoniously empowered, you are emotionally mature, which means that you are less likely to experience huge emotional swings or comfort eat as a way of soothing your sensitivity.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Athena, the Golden Heroine

This Goddess archetype is the most masculine because she governs your rational mind. She is the part of you that wants to prove your worth by achievements and success. If you have low self-esteem, no amount of success will be sufficient to compensate for your wound. This often leads women to operate out of the shadow aspect of Athena, and become workaholics. When your inner Athena is functioning in a balanced way, you are assertive, organized, happy for others to succeed, and committed to take calculated risks to achieve your goals.

Heart Chakra: Demeter, the Earth Empress

The archetypal mother governs your heart center. This is the part of you that ensures your needs are met. Without it, you are not centered enough to bring anything to fruition, or to sustain nurturing (of yourself or others). The heart is the center of self-acceptance, so if this center is not harmoniously activated, you judge yourself and others harshly for not being perfect. When this energy center is open you allow and accept your imperfections, understand that often their your greatest teachers. When our inner Demeter is empowered, you create a welcoming home and enjoy spending time there to center and rejuvenate.

Throat Chakra: Diana, the Medicine Woman

This aspect of yours is who tends to prefer the company of your sisters while healing your past wounds. Since this aspect is a portal to the upper energy centers, your challenge here is to see your wounding from a higher perspective. You can then appreciate your specific issues for the lessons they can teach you. When you heal, you avoid shutting down and armoring up in anticipation of further wounding. When your inner Diana is empowered, you realize that your ultimate healing comes through forgiveness. You also trust yourself to set clear boundaries that honor your vulnerability.

Third Eye Chakra: Hecate, the Wise Woman

Hecate is the archetypal wise woman, who resides in you, regardless of your age. She is the part of you that feels reclusive and enjoys meditation, esoteric study and sacred ceremony. When she operates in the shadows, you suffer from depression and have no access to a mystical perspective to make sense of your darker thoughts, feelings and experiences. If the third eye is shut down, you dismiss psychic phenomena out of fear or ignorance. Our inner Hecate reclaims her power when you acknowledge the wisdom you have gained through all your “down times”. When Hecate is not acknowledged, you fear aging and death. When she is empowered you use your intuitive insights to help others make sense of their shadowland journeys.

Crown Chakra: Ishtar, the High Priestess

The Goddess aspect that governs your crown center is Ishtar. Her lessonsis to embody our divine essence in the world through sacred intent and practices. When this archetype is not harmoniously activated, you don’t “walk your talk” when it comes to spiritual values. If you disconnect from Ishtar, you will unconsciously prostitute your energy by doing jobs that drain us in exchange for money. You will also choose partners for security, rather than soul-fulfilling connection. When your inner Ishtar is empowered, you are sovereign and self-fulfilling – a queen into yourself.

10 Reasons to activate your inner Goddesses

  1. You unleash your creative energy;
  2. You create a clear channel for intuitive insights;
  3. You gain access to past life memories;
  4. You perceive things beyond the physical senses through your subtle sense;
  5. You have more vitality, which magnetizes people to you;
  6. You experience greater longevity and appear youthful;
  7. Your libido and sexual magnetism is increased;
  8. You can access altered states of consciousness without the aid of substances;
  9. You can connect to your authentic voice of truth in all situations;
  10. You feel connected to existence, and as a result, have no fear of change or death.

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