What Are The Work Superpowers of Your Cycle?

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The menstrual cycle is probably one of the most misunderstood, neglected and unexplored female personal and work assets. It has a bad reputation of being messy, disturbing and at least inconvenient when it comes to female work performance.

Unlike men, you as a woman have a hormonal cycle, which fluctuates naturally throughout the month and its changes impacts the way you think, feel and behave. You have a natural, in built mechanism, which navigates your optimal times for brainstorming, planning, taking action, being creative and detailed as well as the best times for evaluating, reflecting and reviewing.

The classic way of working relies on the masculine paradigm that the human being is consistent in her emotional and mental levels and abilities. However, neither men nor women (especially!) do not fit these expectations. Instead of viewing the natural and predictable hormonal fluctuations as disadvantage for achieving the professional goals, they can be used as a guiding force when planning the work activities. Each phase of the menstrual cycle has its own distinctive superpowers, which can be optimized for achieving personal and professional goals and successes.

Dynamic phase

The dynamic phase corresponds to the preovulation phase (right after menstruation and before ovulation). The superpowers of this phase are increased motivation, mental focus, concentration, learning, researching, brainstorming, structural thinking, independence and physical stamina.

Expressive phase

The expressive phase corresponds to the phase of ovulation and its superpowers are great communication skills, empathy, productivity, teamwork, supporting others and creating interdependent relationships and partnerships.

Creative phase

The creative phase corresponds to the premenstrual phase – right after ovulation and before menstruation. The superpowers of this phase are increased creativity and eye for details, intuitive inspiration, out-of-the-box thinking, problem identification and problem solving, assertiveness.

Reflective phase

The reflective phase corresponds to the phase of menstruation. The superpowers of this phase are inner processing, creative reviewing, reaching to the core of the things/issues/challenges, reframing, letting go, new ideas, tapping into meaning, vision and values, rest and renewal.


Most of us try desperately to fit into the structure of the modern professional life, which has no consideration for the natural hormonal fluctuations in the female body. Without the knowledge that lies within the wisdom of your body, you most probably perceive yourself and your abilities as inconsistent, unpredictable and unreliable (which can not be far from the truth once you learn your specific natural patterns of change).

You most probably try to compensate those “disadvantages” with extra working hours, forcing yourself and going slowly towards stress, burn out and creative drought. However once you are aware when, where and what to expect you can have a great control and superpower over your working schedule, productivity, personal and professional success and achievement.

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